What is #feedmeastory?

How can we tell stories that present food as part of Dundee and Tayside’s creative and cultural experience?

#FeedMeAStory is an initiative that aims to present food cultures of Dundee (and wider Tayside) as dynamic creative experiences that are vital to the economic and social life of the city and local area.


By exploring how we tell the stories of food, #FeedMeAStory will strengthen food as part of Dundee’s cultural tourism offer. The initiative has three aims:


• To create networking opportunities for the city’s food and creative communities and promote collaborative approaches to developing food as cultural tourism.


• To explore a multitude of creative storytelling approaches in order to make that happen – such as podcasting, zines, video, writing, food tours.
• To connect and signpost Dundee’s food communities with the opportunities for further support afforded by the creative and enterprise support institutions in the city.


By the end of the project, we expect to have initiated a sustainable community and created some experimental yet viable prototypes for a further collaborative creative enterprise.




We are hosting our first #feedmeastory breakfast on the 25th October (8.45am onwards) at the Bridgeview Station, providing the opportunity to get the ball rolling.



If you want to hear more and join in for later events – fill in your details below: